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Another beautiful animation by the lovely golfinho. This is truly the work of a genius.

golfinho responds:

thanks zebra friend

Thank you for this. It made my day excellent.

I thought it was cute.

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This is quite possibly the greatest game concept ever. It could have been executed a little better, but I'll give you points for creativity.

esayitch responds:

Well, I think there are several even greater game concepts... like Minecraft or DOTA ;) but thanks a lot for your words, feedback is one of the things I most anticipate (and dread) whenever I release a game, so positive feedback like this always warms an old man's heart :)

This was quite excellent. I especially liked the calvin and hobbes one.

This game is pretty fucking cool. It's like a mix of fez and super mario. With an awesome soundtrack and cute pixel graphics, this is exactly the kind of stuff I love to play. Great job.

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Another beautiful track from the lovely Lockyn. Your stuff always reminds me a bit of Seven Lions in its trance-y glory. The melodies were really catchy and just listening to this put me in a good mood.

Lockyn responds:

thank you man, that comparison is waaay too flattering for me ahaha. Appreciate it. We're glad you liked this one :)

Really awesome song. Great job.

Lockyn responds:

Thank you so much! Hope you went to download the album, so many other talented producers there and it's free! Cheers ^^

Excellent work, Mr. Knox.

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Terrible drawing and horrendous quality.

Mr-Insanity97 responds:

Yeah I know I was bit confused why is in the featured art section aswell, I said this is crap in the description.

Anyway, I think what happen by talking to Wade Fulp about it. Someone(s) who's is art mods may found this funny and etc. and put as a featured on the homepage. However, this was before I even been scouted aswell.

Edit: I found out who actually put on the featured on the homepage. Its was Tom Fulp.

Thank you for using your powers for good and not evil.

damn why is this so cool
oh yeah thats because turtleco is a boss

turtleco responds:

BOSS like a cactus

I don't need life I'm high on drugs

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