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Magical-Zorse's News

Posted by Magical-Zorse - May 7th, 2015

Hey guys, I'm tired of NG and want to branch out into other things. So that's why I don't really come here anymore.

if you want to see what I'm doing nowadays you can check out various places I occupy. 

Here's me on:



if you want to play xbox with me I'm Magical Vince

thanks for everything, I'm out



Posted by Magical-Zorse - March 25th, 2015

Here's a picture of my good friend tt. AKA rapcathackysack on newgrounds who I teamed up with to make Super Ninja Party Pooper who can Summon Bears and Lasers and Shit.


Posted by Magical-Zorse - February 10th, 2015

Might be throwing some non flash stuff this way in the near future. or not. I don't know.

Posted by Magical-Zorse - September 12th, 2014

Hey guys my arm healed so now I can go back to work. I did a pretty good job trolling noobs on the bbs while I was at it, and I hope to continue to make each and every one of you hate me.

I also made a new game. You can play it. Or not, I really don't care.

Go hawks.

Let's Go to Campnorth

Posted by Magical-Zorse - August 12th, 2014

Yo nigs, I broke my elbow on the 2nd (which was also my birthday) so since I can't work or hang out with my Newgrounds bro Knoxius I'll be sitting at home consuming large amounts of painkillers and talking lots of shit on the bbs. And I'll get some game development in between those activities.

In case you're wondering how I broke my elbow I was hammered while skateboarding and fell off the top of a large ramp. I just had surgery on it so now I've got a while to heal. So mods get ready to throw some bans my way (I've already had one).

Anyway if you're an artist and wanna team up get at me because I do my best work when I'm on pills.

Lastly here's a picture of me drunkenly roasting a weiner on a gasoline fire.


Posted by Magical-Zorse - June 26th, 2014

yeah fuck this shit

Posted by Magical-Zorse - June 21st, 2014

What's up djangos.

In case you guys didn't know, I love fantasy football (along with alcohol and taylor swift). My fantasy league disbanded at the end of last season due to friends moving and work, so instead of playing with random fratstars from my friend's college I thought it would be cool If I started a Newgrounds fantasy football league.

For everyone who doesn't know what fantasy football is, watch this video


I made a quick 8 man league on espn right here (everything's free btw)


but if enough people get on board with this idea we could go as high as 20 people.

As of now the draft is on june 28th at 2pm but we could change the date or time based on people's schedules.

So if any of you djangos watch football and want to link newgrounds to it,  or maybe you just want to win and talk shit to me. It doesn't matter, but just join because this is actually one of the best ideas I've ever come up with.


Posted by Magical-Zorse - May 6th, 2014

nothing is happening 

Posted by Magical-Zorse - November 12th, 2013

Yeah djangos what's up
I'm still doing shit on NG
Like posting on the front page
and on the bbs
and on ppls userpages
so hit that shit up
and smoek dat blunt

I'm still here

Posted by Magical-Zorse - June 12th, 2013

I was playing halo online when I ran into Zombie-Pimp in a match, which got me to thinking what other cool NGers play xbl.

So add me as a friend and we can play games and shit

My gamertag is Magical Vince

Come Play Xbox Live with me