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2013-01-19 15:21:03 by Magical-Zorse

Hey guys, I'm making this post because it's been a really long time and unsurprisingly I haven't been very active on newgrounds. I've been working a full time job and just moved into a new apartment and have been meeting tons of people and doing other cool kid shit. I'm gonna try and crank out a game in the near future and it will probably suck and you'll hate me so mission will be accomplished.

Other than that, hows newgrounds been for you guys? Awesome as usual probably.

Also follow me on instagram (magical-vince) because I'm artsy and hip and so that you can have visual evidence of all the weird stuff that goes on in my life like this guy.

That's all for now, have a nice day kids.

Updates and Such


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2013-01-20 16:00:02

Pedo-stache! XD


2013-01-24 05:48:35

buenos nachos!

Magical-Zorse responds:

too much bueno